Found an issue? Missing a feature or something else? We look forward to receive your feedback.

For bug reports please make sure that you

  • clearly describe your problem
  • provide us something that allows us to reproduce the problem (a minimal failing example would be awesome)

Pull Requests

We love pull requests. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Fork the repo.

  2. Run the tests. We only take pull requests with passing tests, and it's great to know that you have a clean state.

  3. Add a test for your change. Only refactoring and documentation changes require no new tests. If you are adding functionality or fixing a bug, we need a test to avoid regressions in future releases.

  4. Make the test pass.

  5. Push to your fork and submit a pull request.

How to run tests

  1. Make sure you have all dependencies installed

    $ yarn install
  2. Run the tests with:

    $ yarn run test

How to test against your project

Wanna test your changes against your real world project? No Problem!

Let's use yarn link to symlink the fork into your project.

  1. switch to the root of this project

  2. make sure you have all dependencies installed

    $ yarn install
  3. run first step for yarn link

    $ yarn link
  4. switch to your real world project

  5. and execute the second step for yarn link

    $ yarn link mochapack
  6. You need to configure loader resolution in your webpack config, like below

    var path = require('path');
    module.exports = {
     // ..
     // yarn link mochapack hack
     resolveLoader: {
       root: [
        // __dirname is the root of your project, you may need to adjust the path
        path.join(__dirname, "node_modules")
     // ..
  7. Then you are almost ready to go. You just have to build this project initially and whenever you make code changes.

    $ yarn run build

Syntax rules

Please pay attention on the following syntax rules:

  • Basic coding styles are defined within the .editorconfig file.
  • ESLint automatically checks the code style after tests or manually via yarn run lint.
  • Follow the conventions used in the source already.